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muster_ccThe diversified crystal clear series by goldor´mosaico made of highly transparent real glass produces impressive effects, especially due to its reflective effects on light as well as the feeling of briskness and liveliness. A modern colour palette, clear glossy surfaces and attractive, individual colour blends are further attributes of this series emphasizing its diversity.



The crystal clear series by goldor´mosaico can be used for the following projects:

  • Panelling and floor coverings
  • In interior and exterior areas
  • For private rooms or offices and facilities
  • Also suitable for swimming pools, attractions and facades


  • 23 x 23 x 4 mm

Item order number

CCS - in addition articlecode
(example: CCS - CC.01)


Colour range

Note: Depending on your hardware, the colour rendering on the monitor can deviate slightly from the original shades.

standard_cc_1 standard_cc_2 standard_cc_3

Design variations crystal clear

Design proposals

This is a pre-selection of current design variations of the crystal clear series. Defining your own design compositions is facilitated in this way, resulting also in shorter delivery times.


Creative and individual compositions

Beyond the scope of the presented pre-selection, goldor´mosaico produces individual glass mosaic design compositions according to our customers’ preferences. What is required in this case is a design model or information about the mixing ratio of the desired glass mosaics.

This website will provide soon a special Mix Generator that facilitates the creation of individual compositions, giving your creativity free reign.


Colour gradients in crystal clear

The following examples of colour gradient mixtures are especially representative of the variability, colour diversity, transparency and lightness of the crystal clear series. crystal clear colour gradients are manufactured in a special process according to your design wishes and to individual specifications of length.

(Updated: 09.2008)